Cassolette create unique fine fragrances for the discerning person. We design all our own perfumes in-house, with flair and originality - even our packaging is out of the ordinary. Three of our most popular perfumes are now available as a pen atomiser spray. For today's confident woman, this convenient and stylish format is perfect for handbag or pocket and means that you never need to be far from your favourite fragrance.

Smell is the most powerful sense we possess, a means of communicating and identifying. In every facet of life we are looking for harmony, yet smell provides a vital yet often overlooked aspect of our inner balance. We may be sometimes unaware, but smell is always influencing at a sub-conscious level, affecting our mood and perception of the world around us.

The wonderful world of smell can excite us, a particular essence may trigger long forgotten memories and even invoke feelings and moods that help to steer us through life. We continue to search for that elusive magical fragrance to enhance the journey.



The Cassolette House of Fragrance has now been established for ten years.

The origin of the name Cassolette comes from the oriental custom of perfuming a room prior to use with a perfume burner. These became known as cassolettes in the late seventeenth century when their usage became widespread for room perfumery.

Unique in-house designs have been the creative secret behind the wonderful fragrances that have placed Cassolette as a leading European perfume designer over the last ten years. Cassolette's sublime original creation C A E L U M has won thousands of devoted fans world-wide since its launch in 1989. Cassolette's next stunning creation Flo was developed in 1991 and the delightful unisex fragrance Naughty was launched in 1997.

Cassolette products do not contain animal ingredients