A fine fragrance perfume
conceived for the woman
who flows through life
a river of sparkling energy
fresh and lively.


Flo - for the woman who enjoys life!

Flo is proposed as
a signature for today's
woman, a free spirit
of any age,
any lifestyle


.Flo is derived from the Latin word Flġ'r/a, the goddess of flowers.

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Flo is the ultimate performance perfume. Well balanced, alive and original; the fragrance of Flo is an aldehydic green combination. Those aldehydes in the top note together with citrus bergamot interplay with spices of clove and mandarin. These are supported by natural fruity notes and a rich floral heart, on a warm exotic background of oakmoss and amber.

Flo will impart a lasting impression; timeless, unforgettable, enduring, unique.

Flo - for the woman who enjoys life!